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Monitoring Your Visitors

The ability to monitor your visitors and to track there browsing history could be very important to your Business. With Website tracking we can do just that for you, we can provide you with information about your website that will allow you to determine better marketing options. We install software on your website in each of your websites pages that will allow the software to track every single visitor that visits you website. If you are already an IE Technology client and we have developed you website for you then have a look at the Web Development page for pricing under Piwik Analytics. Please note that we can only install the software on your website if we have access to your ftp server and your website was not developed using a Content Management program. A couple of lines of code needs to be manually added to each of your pages to start the tracking.

Great Value Pricing

Our pricing is divided into the amount of pages your website might have the number displayed is the maximum number for pages for that particular price range. The setup fee is a once off payment, while the subscription is a monthly fee. To cancel your subscription a 30 days notice period is required. If we have developed your website and are doing the hosting then you need to check under Web Development for different price structure.

Setup Fee
Monthly Subscriptions
30 Webpages R 1500.00 R75.00
50 Webpages R 2000.00 R125.00
100 Webpages R 4000.00 R175.00

Please Note

Included into your subscription is the ability to add extra pages to the tracker afterwards at no extra charge. You will be able to log into your tracking software at any time, and you will also receive a Report at the end of each Month. The 3 packages above should be used as mere guidelines should you require more web pages to be tracked or less than the specific amount please email us and we will send you a quote. Subscription is required to all of these packages if you wish to exclude subscription then just multiple the amount you have to pay for the setup by 2. Should you choose not to make use of the monthly subscription option you will still have support on the tracker should you required it charged at a fixed rate of R250 per hour or part there off.

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