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IE Technology also specializes in IT Maintenance, we provide maintenance services for small and medium size businesses across South Africa and will ensure your computers runs smoothly at all times.

Great Value Contracts

All our contracts are on a Month to Month basis. If you’re not sure what type of contract you are looking at give us a call or email us with your requirements and we will help you choose the correct contract for your Business.

IT Lite Package
IT Basic Package
IT Standard Package
1 Branch
15 Hours per month (standby)
Online Backup Service
24 Hours Telephone support

R2000.00 p/m
1 Branch
15 Hours per month
Online Backup Service
2 Visits to the branch per month
24 Hours Telephone support

R2800.00 p/m
1 Branch
20 hours per month
Online Backup System
4 Visits to the branch per month
Employee Monitoring
24 Hours Telephone support

R4000.00 p/m

Price p/m
Per Additional Branch IT Lite Package R 850.00 Excluding Traveling and Acomodation.
Per Additional Branch IT Basic Package R 1250.00 Excluding Traveling and Acomodation.
Per Additional Branch IT Standard Package R 2000.00 Excluding Traveling and Acomodation.

Aditional Branches

We are based in the Gauteng area, any branch outside the Gauteng area will be charged an additional traveling and accommodation fee. These additional charges will have to be paid before we leave to visit your branch, alternatively you can make the traveling and accommodation arrangements for us. The question would be why would you like to use someone from Gauteng to help your branch in Cape Town for instance. The answer is quite simple we are professionals with the expertise to be able to deliver a quick and efficient solution to any of your branches you may have. You will not find our expertise in other provinces and contracting someone else from that region to do the work in the end cost more than what the traveling and accommodation would have cost your business, because they charge per hour and they normally have no idea, what your network setup is all about and what your business requirements are. We strive to learn everything about our clients enabling us to provide our clients with the best service possible.

We have proven it time and again that we are the best and the cheapest, we currently maintain branches in Cape Province and Kwazulu Natal and these businesses has not suffered any delay in operations. We have solved numerous problems were employees physically break the computer every other month and absolutely no one knew why, until we stepped in. Our Service is guaranteed. If you require someone to visit your branches each month we can arrange that for you and include that into your package.

Online Backup System

We will maintain your backups for you using an online backup system all you require is a ADSL connection and we will provide you with the software.

Telephone Support

We not only provide you with 24 Hour telephone support, but we also install programs on your computers that will allow us to take control of the computer that might have problems, so that we can determine what the problem is and what the quickest solution to fixing the problem would be, we don't waste time on the telephone trying to explain to someone that's never worked on a computer before apart from the usual excel and word. We do however have the expertise to be able to diagnose your problem by just talking to you over the phone and you can put us to the test.

Monitoring of Employees

The monitoring of your employees working on your computers is not illegal, the computer your employees work on is the property of the Business, and should you find that your computers are breaking more than what they work, the most logical problem is most likely the employee. We can monitor your computers for you and report any irregularities to you, ensuring that your computers never get damaged by employees playing around on the internet or installing software that sometimes can be dangerous to your network and even computer. With the new technology in regards to internet employees are also spending more time on the internet than what they should be spending working for you, we can help you with that problem. We have a track record of 100% efficiency and have solved numerous mysteries of computer break downs or files gone missing and nobody knows who did it.

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