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Ever wanted to run a Google Campaign, but never understood how it all works or where to start. Allow IE Technology to help you with your Google Campaign. Our existing clients already enjoy the ability have there business or services listed using a Google Campaign.

The Benefits

Designing a website is only one part of getting your business listed online. Your newly launched website won't be listed immediately with Google and even if you are listed you might find that on certain or even all keywords related to your business or services, that your business doesn't even appear in the top 100 listings.

Google rates your website using certain criteria in order to prevent newly business just popping up like mushrooms online in the top ranking positions. One of the criteria's is the age of the domain itself, newly created domains almost never gain any good positions within the Google Search Engine. Google also rates each keyword in dependably so your rankings will differ from keyword to keyword, a good objective to keep in mind when building your website is to make sure your keywords appear on most of the WebPages on your site.

The other problem you have is that people rarely go beyond the first 3 pages for any specific keyword so in order for you to gain exposure on the Google Search Engine you need to make sure you are listed within the first 30 listing on a specific keyword. This unfortunately is not an easy tasks and although certain Web Development Companies guarantee you that they will get you in those top positions, it's just a sales gimmick that will never happen. Ask yourself this 'Who will cancel there website after it's being fully develop just because they don't get the correct rankings as promised?'

The only way you can get good listings for you newly online website is by launching a Google Campaign. The Campaign works of keywords and each keyword is in dependably rate and a specific amount is then assigned to those keywords and they tend to drop in prize and climb, depending on the amount of clients running a Google Campaign on those keywords. A keyword that's not being used in any Campaign will cost less than one that is used by 10 or more clients. The space is limited and Google can only list about 10 to 15 adds on the homepage of the keyword that was used so the clients that's willing to pay more for the keyword will enjoy the top position. By allowing your business to have a online marketing budget you can ensure your business enjoys that top position and the benefits of being in top position is that you will attract more clients and those clients are more likely to buy or use some of your services listed because the whole keyword listing process is very target related, people don't use Google as a playground they use Google to search for s specific product, service or information they might need. Google works on a pre paid amount so you decide how much you want to spend each month and you can even decide on a daily limit allowing you to stretch your budget through the month. Once your daily limit has been reach your adds will stop appearing and when you reach your monthly budget or your pre paid amount has been depleted you will receive a notification and can then either transfer more money towards your Campaign and if you do nothing it automatically cancels and will only be re-activated once you made another deposit.

How To Start?

If you are already a client of IE Technology and we host your website for you then you can activate a Google Campaign at any time and you only pay a small monthly fee while your Campaign is active. If you aren't a client of IE Technology and we don't host your website then you can still enroll our services to get your Campaign started. The relevant prizing is included below.

Price p/m
Contract Terms
Google Setup Fee R 350.00 Once off
Google Management R 200.00 Month - Month
Google Reports R 50.00 Month - Month

Google Setup Fee

This is a once off payment, paid before we create your Campaign for you. The setup process is complicated and you need to decide on what your Monthly and Daily budget would be for the Campaign, the keywords you would like to use and the add description. You will then receive a report from us which will inform you what each keyword would be charged at, this will only be an estimate price to start with because the keywords do go up and down in price you have to decide on a minimum and maximum price per keyword and we have to se it up for you like that. Keywords vary from between R0.65 to R3.00+. Once everything has been setup you will be able to log into your Google Campaign and will also be able to make your first Deposit. Your Campaign will start once Google has received there money and will continue to run until you either stop the Campaign or your Account reaches a zero balance.

Google Management

We will managed your Campaign for you and will keep track of the keywords and the amount they charged, because keywords are charged at different rates and change daily you need to make sure that your Campaign has all the relevant keywords active at all times. When a keyword raises in price your Campaign for that specific keyword wills top, until you approve the higher amount. There is a certain amount of time involved each day to run a Google Campaign successfully. By selecting the Google Management option you don't have to worry about any of this.

Google Reports

If you need a detailed report on your Google Campaign each month and we are already managing your Campaign for you this option will allow you to received end of the month reports that will cover your Campaign and the success of your Campaign in detail.

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